I hop from place to place without plans in search of what I am in search of. My country leaves me awestruck every time I visit a new state. The culture is beautiful and strong everywhere. Some experiences make me laugh, some, cry, but they are each worth it! There are times when I am at peace and times when I am confused even over breakfast order. I am trying to unlearn and learn again from a nascent level. One thing that I have come to believe while travelling in India is- “Sab Kuch Milega”! So dear friends, stop by and read crazy stories of travel, survival and life (they get crazier with each trip, I don’t know how!). Shanti to all!


It all began in 2014 when I picked up my copy of “The Catcher in The Rye” followed by “1984”. Books can change one’s life, I had heard. I did not not know that the same fate awaited me. When I kept down my copy of 1984, all my mind’s structures, rules, conditions, algorithms broke into bits. I saw the world with a different perspective.

I started exploring and stopped confirming blindly to everything that was passed down. Experience! That became my life’s fuel. Teachings can be passed down but that is mere information, data. To attain knowledge and wisdom, one needs to experience and go through things themselves. So, here I am experiencing and travelling around, learning a little from every person I meet on this mystical voyage that we call “Life”.


When I travel, the questions raised by people get the upper hand leaving me in doubt about everything. Life seems purposeless and I feel anxious by the fact that I am headed nowhere! So here, I write and talk to other lovely people out there on a similar path. At the end, I realise that I am indeed headed nowhere; because I am here to enjoy the journey! I don’t care where I’ll end up as long as I enjoy and accept every point of the path.

This is basically to connect with my dear fellow travel enthusiasts, aspiring digital nomads and explorers out there! We love what we do and we have no destination; we just live life and enjoy every moment. We ought not to feel even a wee bit guilty. So, gear up, pack your bags and leave for your next venture! Yippppppppeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! (You see how happy I feel when I talk to you!)


I have no ambition, no destination to reach, no bucket list to tick items off. I simply want to “Go With The Flow”, explore places without a return ticket or a fixed time frame and have a kickass journey! So, when I wake up on my 60th Birthday, I want no regrets and “what-ifs”, just a big smile and a backpack!


Chalo Chalo KALGA! The Place where I ended up staying for Four Months!

I had reached a phase in life where things happening around me made no sense. The path that I was walking on, had been laid by the society; I was merely following the common consciousness. Days were passing but I did not feel alive. I was losing myself. That is when, I left everything and reached Kalga in Himachal- To do nothing! Just be with myself and hear the inner voice that had grown faint over time. I arrived there with an empty mind to learn READ POST

You Have to Stop by This Bookstore The Next Time You Visit Paharganj in Delhi!

“If you only read the books that everyone else is reading, you can only think what everyone else is thinking.” ~Haruki Murakami Amidst the chaos of Delhi’s hippie street, Paharganj, if you walk along the road towards the market, you’ll notice a small shop packed with books. This store, owned by two brothers- Mr. Ashwini and Mr. Deepak, has been there for over forty years now. Originally, ” The Jai Kishen Bookstore” after the owners’ father, it’s name was passed around as “the shop READ POST

My “not-so-usual” Friend in Rishikesh who Taught me the importance of Simplicity

“Live in each season as it passes; breathe the air, drink the drink, taste the fruit, and resign yourself to the influence of the earth.” ~ Henry David Thoreau (Walden) Someone once told me that smiling and greeting people you encounter is a beautiful way to bond with a place. I have been trying to inculcate that habit in me ever since. It has indeed been a very enriching and pleasant experience. It is funny how every time I am in Rishikesh (I am there many READ POST

Neelkanth Mahadev Trek: Trail To The Place Where Lord Shiva Consumed the Poison

“A true pilgrimage requires letting go of the very things most people try to hold onto. In seeking after what the soul desires, we become pilgrims with no home but the path the soul would have us follow.” ~ Michael Meade Treks have always fascinated me. I am not good at trekking and am slow. To me, every trek is a challenge where I test my limits and push them to the edge. I love the feeling when I finally complete a trek! It is READ POST

Kutla- The Secret Hamlet In Himachal That Is Straight Out Of A Fairytale!

“Ceilings the lamp flicker cheered Barter for stars instead. Temple thy dreams with the trees, Nature thy god alone ; Worship the sun and the breeze, Altars where non atone.” ~John Myers O’Hara’s (Atavism) I had been in Kasol for 15 days then and was yet to accomplish the most basic feat- trekking to Kheerganga! Everybody who visited Kasol had either already trekked to Kheerganga before or come for the purpose. So, I left Kasol for three days. My plan was to READ POST

Reasons Why You’ll Find a German Bakery in Every Backpacking Destination of India!

The first time I came across a German Bakery was in Kasol. The cakes there tasted heavenly. Then, I came across another one in Manali! I thought they were a thing of the hills. However, when I saw a German Bakery in Rishikesh, Udaipur and Pushkar as well, I was intrigued. I had to know what was with the nomenclature. Did all bakery owners in the backpackers’ destinations of India meet and decide to name their shops German Bakery? Was it a food chain? READ POST

The Cafes and Homestays in the Parvati Valley that are still Shanti-Shanti

In the small Indian hamlets that are popular with backpackers, the type of accommodation and food options (mostly Cafes) are different from the rest of the cities. Parvati valley in India is one of the most popular backpacking destinations in India. That was place with which I began solo backpacking. It was unlike any other place I had ever been to. There is a strong cafe culture in the region. It looked beautiful how the cafes lit up as the sun went down. READ POST

How I Managed To Stay in Rishikesh for a Month When I had no Money to Travel

This post is about my first volunteering experience in India. I have written in a story-like format to make it interesting (a little writing experiment). However, I do understand that some of you are too frustrated and anxious right now (just like I was when I was looking to make quick money online for the vacations) to read the entire text. So, you can see the last section of this post directly to get the main information and resources regarding volunteering in India. READ POST

You Won’t Believe What I Experienced by Turning into a “Flaneur”!

“Now shall I walk or shall I ride? ‘Ride,’ Pleasure said; ‘Walk,’ Joy replied.” ~ W.H. Davies It started because I had no other option and now, walking and exploring the place has become a ritual for spending the first day at any place. This practice has only pros and no cons. I can’t stress enough on why it is a great idea to “explore the place on foot”! So, here, I have made a list of 11 reasons why you MUST walk too! READ POST

I Travelled To The Royal City of Udaipur With Just 2k Rupees in my Pocket!

Udaipur is one of the most picturesque places in India. Surrounded by lakes with the Aravalis in the backdrop, when the remnants of what was once this Capital’s boundary light up, the view is surreal! The sky changes hues and the birds flock back to their nests. The temples begin their evening prayers and the streets fill up with tourists who walk looking for places to eat and shop while rejoicing the splendid spectrum of colours in the bazaar.  READ POST