Hey! This is Prachi (a.k.a. Meera), a Master of Day-dreaming who lives in her own Magical World. Being a MAD (Mega Adventurous Dream-catching) Traveller who has a love-hate relationship with humans, I am in search of a home amidst forest thickets with a night sky that is lit by countless stars! Join me on this quest!


It all began in 2014 when I picked up my copy of “The Catcher in The Rye” followed by “1984”. Books can change one’s life, I had heard. I did not not know that the same fate awaited me. When I kept down my copy of 1984, all my mind’s structures, rules, conditions, algorithms had already been broken to bits and destroyed. The next three years, I experienced life from a nascent level- as a Zero! Committing mistakes, learning, thinking and observing. It has been a beautiful phase and travelling has made it even more so!

I started not conforming to everything that was textual or verbal and passed down. Experience! That became my life’s sole purpose. To experience all that I could and still can. Because teachings can be passed down but that is mere information- data. For knowledge and wisdom, one needs to experience, to go through things themselves. So, here I am experiencing and travelling around, learning from each and every person whom I meet on this journey called “Life”.

My aim is to become nothing and yet, do everything. I want to walk on a path that I make for myself, a path that has no destination. A dynamic path that is made by me. I want to be the stakeholder of my life and I want to see, hear, taste – experience it all. I have no list of places, nor do I want to visit them all. I just want to “GO WITH THE FLOW”!

Now, coming to the nomenclature!

“Bachelor of Roaming”, well, I don’t really know how I came up with this name, honestly. It is probably the answer to the question that I’m often asked- “What are you doing, Prachi?”. Well, I am pursuing my own degree, the one that really matters to me! I don’t know what I’ll become. I don’t really want to become anything. I do not want to reach any destination. All I want is to have a kickass journey! So, when I’m 60 and I wake up, I have no regrets and “what-ifs”, just a big smile and a backpack!

Read on.. the stories of my triumphs and miseries, the legends of the places I visit and the lives of people I meet on the way as I wander around.

Join me on this journey- leave your comments or, send me a message. Send me your travel stories, whenever, you feel like talking to other travellers out there. Be at home here! This site is as much yours as it is mine.

The Big Bang Factor (Reasons for Creation):

The reason this website exists is because at times, when I travel, I feel alone and the questions raised by people get the upper hand leaving me in doubt about everything. Life seems purposeless and I feel anxious by the fact that I am headed nowhere! So, here, I write and talk to other lovely people out there on a similar path. At the end, I realise that I am indeed headed nowhere; because I am here to enjoy the journey! I don’t care where I’ll end up as long as I enjoy and accept every point of the path.

This is basically for me to connect with my dear fellow travellers, aspiring digital nomads and explorers out there! We love what we do, and we are here to do nothing, just live life and enjoy every moment. We ought not to feel even a wee bit guilty. So, gear up, pack your bags and leave for your next venture! Yippppppppeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! (You see how happy I feel when I talk to you!)

Main Focus:

Bachelor Of Roaming is about Travel Tales, People and Culture that fascinate me on my Journey.

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Moreover, I’d love to hear from from other Lovely Travellers out there! Feel free to reach out to me and share your Story on Bachelor of Roaming.