What I Learnt After an Year and a Half of Travelling Solo!

“What you seek is seeking you.”
~ Rumi


Have a passion for living, not just making a living!

That being said, you cannot expect to live a life of your dreams without contributing to the society. You have to work! But, the goal is to develop a career or a lifestyle that supports your passion i.e., to be placed right!
I am sure that travelling is NOT FREE. You cannot just roam from place to place, sightseeing, enjoying life while others are working hard to earn their daily bread. Such cashless expeditions are possible for an year or two but you cannot live your entire life that way.


You can explore new places and spend time knowing a local culture and go sightseeing if you develop a way to barter your skills and make this world better while doing so. You have to develop a lifestyle that is based in your passion. There is work/ organisation required in every field. The aim is to find the way in which you can make travelling possible in your lifestyle. That is why this blog exists. I want to travel, live in different places while doing my bit in the society. So, here, I try to find new ways- both online and offline to sustain my travels. And, I write about them. So, you can try these Possible, Feasible and Affordable methods to travel.

To be clear, I try to reduce my travel budget to AS LOW AS POSSIBLE while keeping it safe. There is no point in travelling luxuriously- it is good for a retreat or break but in the long term it doesn’t teach you anything. Also, there is no point in travelling in a way where you’re very uncomfortable and unable to adjust! The right balance is to travel out of your comfort zone and challenge your capabilities while keeping in mind your limits! Respect your limits, we all have them and we get to know more about them as we travel.

So, here are a few things that will get you started on this path…..

  • Practice simplicity

    Learn to live with basic resources only. No unnecessary and futile material. This point makes travel equivalent to meditation. You have to be more in connection with yourself and know what is vital to your survival.
    “The material absolutely necessary for your survival (with respect to your limits) MUST fit within a 90 litres backpack” That is ALL. Make careful choices. The day you pack within this limit for a trip irrespective of it’s length, you’re READY to set out.
    Every time I pack beyond this limit, I carry unnecessary weight that proves futile in the end.

  • Practice compassion and respect others on a similar journey

    I am mentioning this here but, I intend to do a separate post dedicated on this point. It is extremely important. Help other travellers out and be respectful of them- Do not STALK or HINDER their growth and do not threaten their sense of freedom! Also, do not tolerate this behaviour from anyone.

  • Contribute to the Place

    Be it not littering the place, or not harassing a vendor or fooling the innocent locals. Stay in a place like a local (they do it the cheapest way) yet, retain your originality. Help the local economy out wherever you can. Make yourself USEFUL! Don’t expect free favours. That is a wrong way to travel. If you are out of cash, use your skills. There is always an opportunity! As the famous saying goes- “Where there is will, there’s way.”

  • Open your Mind

    Be more receptive of ideas and try them out. Leave behind your ego! We are all the children of Mother Nature. Money and power do not define our existence- they just fuel our egos. Be free. Be alert. Respect every job- be humble and inculcate more humility!
    I was extremely unsure about volunteering or working in Rishikesh and didn’t now how it would work out. I was apprehensive and had almost thought of backing out. But, this crazy voice inside told me to go ahead. And, guess what? It was the BEST EXPERIENCE I have had until now. I met some amazing people and learnt some very valuable skills that’ll definitely help me out ahead in my life. The only thing that I regret is that I could not work enough in return! The people were very receptive at the traveller’s hostel and they made me feel like a part of their team from day 1!

  • Learn to say “NO”

    If you are uncomfortable with something- say “NO”. Be polite. Refusing or denying need not be a rude affair.

  • Be comfortable with being different and spending longer time with your own self

    Do not be conscious of being different. Take pride in standing out. Spend time with yourself- introspect and retrospect in healthy ways. Do not overthink. We are our worst and toughest critics. Become better, learn from mistakes but do not let a mistake wear your confidence down completely- We are all mortal beings, none of us are perfect!

  • Respect Mother Nature

    Never ever go against nature. It is pure and our only true companion in life. Follow nature and you shall be in harmony!

These are a few things to start with in general. We all have our own personal list that expands and becomes more specific as we discover ourselves while travelling.
Feel free to comment and share with us other points that you think must be included in the list.
Each of these points have made it to the list from my personal experience until now. I will keep adding more points as I find them.


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Happy Life!
Happy Travelling!


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24 thoughts on “What I Learnt After an Year and a Half of Travelling Solo!

  1. “The right balance is to travel out of your comfort zone and challenge your capabilities while keeping in mind your limits! Respect your limits, we all have them and we get to know more about them as we travel.” I will write 10 post-it notes and spread them around! The best advice ever, thank you!

    1. Thank You!! I’m glad you liked the post! That statement comes from experience. I have had very smooth trips that were no fun but also ones that went terribly wrong due to my relentless risk taking! I’m still working on finding the right balance and get closer with each trip! 😀

  2. I really love the cover image you have here. it somehow resumes everything you say in the post – simplicity, compassion, mindfulness. Nice!

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