Yooooooooo Hooooooooo! Hello! Namastey!

Scroll down and feel free to read, comment and have a good time. There are Travel Guides on places I visit. They’ll paint a rough picture of time, budget, things you might want to do at a place and make planning your trip easier. The Travel Tales are for the times you want to have a good laugh or just read someone’s experience at a place. They also serve the role of an impersonal diary for me! 😀

The Reviews.. well.. I love this section. It is like writing about those places/hotels/restaurants yada yada.. that touched my soul while travelling. Go to these places and add that little cherry (Or, vegan chocolate chips if you’re allergic to cherries and are lactose intolerant) on your trip’s ice cream. These posts are filled with nostalgia and written from my heart..
However, along with adding that cherry, some of the review posts that I write are to prevent the ice cream from melting (You get it, right?). 😛

As the famous writer Paulo Coelho wrote in his blog-

“Read like a maniac — biographies especially. All mistakes that can be made and lessons that can be learned have already been experienced by someone else. Reading is like a Cheater’s Guide to navigating your life.”

Have an amazing trip! And, do not forget to help me and the other travellers out. Contribute to this community by sharing your experiences and valuable tips in the comments section or through Guest Posts.

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